To be a higher learning institution concerned about generating cultural development alternatives likely to be sustained in order to lead to a more efficient administration of the world village and its environment; exerting human and community rights through diversity with the ultimate goal of the satisfaction and evolution of the world. Whether you are looking for undergraduate, graduate or postgraduate online programs. AIU will support you to achieve your goalsas we did with thousands of our international Alumni to achieve.

The AIU Difference
The combination of the underlying principles of student “self instruction”, (with guidance), collaborative development of curriculum unique to each student, and flexibility of time and place of study, provides, what we consider to be, the ideal learning environment.

AIU Service
Our Primary goal at Atlantic International University is to accommodate adult students by meeting their individual needs. For this reason, our degree programs are flexible and have been designed for accelerated completion.

AIU is affordable for national and international students. The following graph allows you to compare the require investment to begin your studies at AIU compared to other private and public institutions in the US.

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